Ablaze with colour… a floral tribute to summer days

Now summer has faded, we’re pleased to add some cheer to shorter days with a joyful splash of colour in pictures taken by young photographer Ben Muir. Just 12, Ben, from Steyning, West Sussex, already has a keen eye for what makes a good photo. We have previously published his pictures from the seashore. And now he turns his camera inland.

Ben loves to take shots from unusual perspectives, particularly at ground level. He also likes to focus on textures. In autumn, he has turned his attention to the woods… with something of a Christmas theme. See below.

Back in June, Ben responded to  ‘Our Future, Our Voices’ initiative. We were hoping to showcase young talent. But we also want to provide a platform for amateur photographers of all ages.

Simply present us with a selection of your best photographs, ideally to illustrate a certain ‘theme’ and we’ll do the rest.

We admit that we at Sussex Bylines are no photographic experts, so would welcome someone more experienced to step forward to join our team as Picture Editor.

So if you live in Sussex and have pictures you think we’d like, or would enjoy joining the team at Sussex Bylines, drop us an email to

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