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We’re a regional online newspaper that gives a voice to citizen journalists. We want to contribute to a fairer, more connected society, keeping readers fully informed about the issues that both affect and matter to them. We will challenge power structures and the status quo, and also prompt people to question their beliefs, interrogate their assumptions and look outside their echo chambers. Along the way we hope to engender a change in the way politics is done – from tribalism and polarisation towards a spirit of respect and cooperation.

We are supported by March for Change and Byline Times. Our editorial team includes people from a range of political backgrounds, as well as several who have no party-political loyalties.

We hope you will join us. All our writers are volunteers, and we are always looking for new contributors so that we can cover the whole of Sussex to give a voice to individuals and organisations that are not seen in the conventional media. If you have an idea for a story, please see our submission guidelines for details of how to get in touch. We aim to ensure all articles are of a high standard, and therefore all contributions are subject to review by our editorial team.

In this post-truth era, it is more important than ever for citizens to hold their government to account. Sussex Bylines will be steadfast in reminding our representatives of what they said and what they were elected to do.

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If you have any comments or queries, please contact editor@sussexbylines.co.uk.

Please read our submission guidelines before submitting a story for publication.

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