At COP26 in Glasgow: the view from the streets

Protesters dressed as Suffragettes carry banners reading Stop the Harm, Vote for the Planet and No More Fossil Fuels
Recalling the Suffragettes’ fight for vote. Now it’s the planet at stake. Photo credit: Anna Scott

Day One : Arrival in Glasgow, Tuesday 2 November

I was en route to my youth hostel from the station late this afternoon when a distant clanking noise caught my attention. It heralded the arrival of a small but determined Extinction Rebellion protest marching towards a busy road. I couldn’t help but join them!  

My favourite of today’s images is the one of the suffragettes. 

This is the first of my reports (read also about the arrival of the Coat of Hopes). Tomorrow will be a full day with lots of people to talk to and events to cover. Watch this space! 

At the conference:

  • Leaders of countries with over 85% of the world’s forests commit to halt and reverse deforestation and land degradation by 2030, helped by £13bn of public and private funds. But a previous deal in 2014 had “failed to slow deforestation at all” warn experts. Felling trees contributes to climate change because it depletes forests that absorb vast amounts of the warming gas CO2
  • World leaders have pledged to cut methane emission levels by 30% by 2030. Methane is the second biggest contributor to human-caused global warming after CO2. Livestock production is a big part of this. But three large polluters, India, China and Russia failed to sign up to the deal.
Extinction Rebellion protestsers carry a banner which says Eyes of the World
Extinction Rebellion on the march with their ‘Eyes of the World’ message for COP delegates. Photo credit: Anna Scott
Policemen stand in front of protesters, whose banner reads: How many cops to arrest climate chaos?
Protesters meet a line of police… with a witty riposte to the security arrangements of COP26. Photo credit: Anna Scott
Chalkboard sign outside a restaurant reads: 20% for all world leaders (except Boris) Photo ID required
Outside a Glasgow restaurant. Photo credit: Anna Scott
Picture of the author Anna Scott, holding a cup of coffee
The author takes a break. Read Anna’s reports this week.

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