Author: Bruce Smeath

Bruce Smeath lives in Windsor and is a Technician in a school in Slough. He only offered to do some proofreading and sub-editing because Sussex Bylines asked nicely. Now they want him to write stuff, too. He plays drums with some chums but Covid-19 appears to have put the kibosh on their aspirations of stardom.

Ways I listen to music

Bruce Smeath

“Leave Spotify on and go live your life for a couple of hours. Then come back and see what Spotify has selected for you. 90% won’t do much for you but that other 10% … that could be life-changing.”

Getting Muddle out of hibernation

Bruce Smeath

Getting a tortoise out of hibernation can be a concern. Tortoises can die in hibernation from either running out of energy reserves, or of dehydration. They can also freeze to death.

The DIY dunce and the dishwasher

Bruce Smeath

I took stock. I had spent half an hour taking off the inner door cover. I had cut my hand, maybe not badly, but nastily enough. I had got the latch back into the correct position. I had put the door cover back on. The dishwasher still didn’t work.

The DIY dunce and the doorbell

Bruce Smeath

It’s January and the doorbell hasn’t worked for most of the previous year. We’ve kinda got used to it by now. I think my wife still believes I’m going to fix it, but it would be fair to say I’ve taken a relaxed approach to its repair. As I have to a number of other DIY issues.