Author: Charlotte Rawlinson

Charlotte has grown up in West Sussex and recently completed her A-levels at a school in Chichester. She has always been interested in science and maths and is planning to go to medical school. She loves writing as a creative outlet and a perfect blend of academia and creativity. She is keen to contribute some thought-provoking pieces to Sussex Bylines.

Ladies who lunch or women who work?

Charlotte Rawlinson

Where does a female belong in the 21st century? Are we women who work or ladies who lunch? As a society, the only responsibility we all have is to educate ourselves, with a critical eye, being always aware of who is telling the story and questioning why the story is being told.

What is trust?

Charlotte Rawlinson

Trust does not come ready-wrapped beneath the Christmas tree or in our monthly wage slip. Charlotte Rawlinson explores trust, how we take it for granted and how vital it is to our lives in 2021.