Author: Manek Dubash

Another retired lefty with no political party to vote for, who once made a living as a journalist. Lover of good food and wines, films noirs, I'm a total francophile and a contradiction: I keep bees for (I hope) the right reasons but also drive an old classic sports car. Oh well, no-one's perfect.

Gardeners, give insects and slugs a break: we need them

Manek Dubash

Human dominance over nature is the lens through which we have been encouraged to see the rest of life on planet Earth. But the long-term consequences of this approach are becoming clearer daily: we are damaging the environment and ourselves. We have to reverse the trend, even if in small ways. We could do worse than start with our gardens, Manek Dubash explains.


Off with her head!

Manek Dubash

For years, the Queen has been meddling in what laws are passed in this country – just one more example of a corrupt system weighted in favour of the wealthy.