Author: Maya Evans

Maya Evans is a peace campaigner. In 2007 she was awarded the Peter Duffy Award by the human rights group Liberty "for her campaigning work…and courage in standing up for our fundamental rights to peaceful protest and freedom of speech.” She is also a Labour Councillor on Hastings Borough Council, where, as a member of the cabinet, she is helping to ensure the town achieves its zero-carbon goal.

Charity Appeal

This is Christmas for Afghanistan’s forgotten children

Maya Evans

For vulnerable children the situation in Afghanistan is desperate and they need our help, reports Maya Evans, who has had first hand experience in the country and whose charity is helping to buy basic necessities, as well as supporting those secretly educating girls.

The Afghan people that I know…

Maya Evans
Afghan women wearing Burqas and one in a hijab

Peace campaigner and Hastings Councillor Maya Evans, who has been visiting Afghanistan for the past 10 years, gives a first-hand account of life for the Afghans she met and came to know so well. They are, she says, the real left-behind poor, the ones who have already suffered so much in the conflict through no fault of their own. And she explains why now, more than ever, they need – and deserve – the West’s help to rebuild their devastated country and shattered lives…

More power to the pushers in solar revolution

Maya Evans

Solar power has brought with it many benefits – though perhaps not the current flood of cheap high-quality heroin to our shores. Today, Afghan opium production has seen a sharp rise with the arrival of solar power and the ability to pump water from depths of 100m. Being able to irrigate barren deserts has turned […]

Poor people carry the can for the Covid crisis

Maya Evans

So are we, as Boris Johnson claims, ‘all in this together’? When our prime minister contracted coronavirus he was able to quarantine in a flat, have meals brought to his door, before being rushed to hospital when his symptoms got worse. The same options were not available to Kayla Williams, mother of three children, who […]