Author: Mo Kanjilal & Allegra Chapman

Mo & Allegra are business women on a mission to help people reimagine the world of work to include everyone. They both have many years of business experience. They are Co-Creators of Watch This Sp_ce, a consultancy to help workplaces reimagine work to include everyone. They are both writers and are currently writing a business book together, and they are both writing a novel. They are part of the Sussex Bylines team.

Holes in the self-employed support scheme are swallowing millions of people alive

Mo Kanjilal & Allegra Chapman

When the government announced the furlough scheme for workers hit by the coronavirus lockdown, they initially forgot about the estimated five million self-employed people in the UK. After campaigning from several MPs and lobbying groups, they did announce a scheme for the self-employed, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS), on 26 March. This caused temporary […]