Author: Ross McNally

Ross is a zoology graduate from Hove. He enjoys watching wildlife and following developments in the ecology of re-wilding. The history of radicalism and revolution in Britain and Europe is another interest.

As Pride rightly celebrates, trans people still face bigotry

Ross McNally

LGBT+ rights have improved significantly over the last 50 years, with widespread acceptance of homosexuality in recent years. In contrast, Ross McNally argues that rights for trans people are falling behind and transphobia is widespread, not helped by negative coverage in the media. Pride should reclaim its radical roots and show solidarity with the trans community.

Bee bricks: constructive contribution or greenwash?

Ross McNally

Nearly half of Britain’s bees are designated as nationally or globally threatened. Leading factors include habitat destruction and the use of chemical pesticides. Ross McNally argues that the introduction of bee bricks into new buildings will not make much difference to bee survival; it’s more important to ban pesticides in gardens, streets and agricultural land.

Knepp Estate: who controls and benefits from rewilding?

Ross McNally

Rewilding is all the rage yet there remain key fatal flaws in the model. First is the fragmented nature of rewilding in the UK. Second, it remains largely the domain of a handful of privileged people. Could greater democratic oversight help repair fragmentation?

Blood on her hands

Ross McNally

Under Home Secretary Priti Patel, what was once the policy of fringe British National Party crackpots is now at the heart of government. Her response to the deaths of 27 refugees at sea is playing politics with people’s lives.


How Sussex can rediscover its wild side…

Ross McNally

Greater species diversity would transform the South Downs National Park from ‘pretty’ sheep-grazing fields into a vibrant landscape for all kinds of wildlife. Bring back the bison and let nature take charge again, urges zoologist Ross McNally.