Author: Vic Ient

Retired IT and telecoms project manager. Environmentalist, writer, hiker & biker. supporter of the ‘underdog’ and fair play. Keen to protect our world’s natural countryside, cultural & historical heritage. Campaigner for: Preserving the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of the countryside around the world + protection of the marine environment and cleaner seas + the urgent reduction of carbon emissions + sustainable living & industry + use of renewable energy and the reduction of polluting emissions. Volunteer organiser at the South Downs Network. In Sussex campaigns with SCATE and CPRE Sussex Member of: World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Greenpeace, the Soil Association, Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe Party (ADLE) Electoral Reform Society and the European Movement.

Is it time to rethink unsustainable road expenditure?

Vic Ient

In 2020 the Government approved an eye-watering £27bn for major road construction despite the rising costs of dealing with Covid. Here in Sussex several schemes are planned over the next 10 years by a government that seems hell-bent on encouraging travel by road – at the expense of bus and rail.