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Sussex has its very own link to Europe. Let’s cherish it.

Tom Serpell

Newhaven is important in Sussex history and could be in its future. Brexit may be unhelpful but does not prevent travel. Tom Serpell and his wife cherish their local route to France to remind themselves of life beyond these shores and continue to enjoy another culture every bit as civilised and interesting as our own.


Storm clouds gather over the English village green

James Joughin

English cricket has been a disaster area in recent years, with the number of wickets lost at an all-time high, and runs scored at an all-time low. It’s a metaphor for the state of English politics, argues James Joughin, as he lists the mis-steps, mistakes and outright lies of Boris Johnson and others. Is it karma, or something deeper?

Knepp Estate: who controls and benefits from rewilding?

Ross McNally

Rewilding is all the rage yet there remain key fatal flaws in the model. First is the fragmented nature of rewilding in the UK. Second, it remains largely the domain of a handful of privileged people. Could greater democratic oversight help repair fragmentation?

Refugees and Sovereignty – Two birds with one stone

Tom Serpell

Taking back control of our borders was, for good or ill, a cornerstone of Brexit, fetishised by those who tell Johnson what to do. As the UK government weeps crocodile tears over deaths at sea of asylum seekers driven to desperate measures to reach their place of safety, it refuses to enact the simplest and most decent of solutions to the problem: to create safe routes to this country.


Infilling at Barcombe: a bridge too far!

Ginny Smith

Are disused railway bridges liabilities or assets? It’s a question highlighted by plans to infill a bridge in Barcombe with concrete, plans which provoked a vigorous and, so far, successful campaign to halt what local campaigners describe as vandalism.

Christmas Tales from Elsewhere

Various Writers

Among writers’ Christmas memories are a magical Brexit escape to Spain, an expat boy’s first experience of snow, a night on the tiles and Chistmas Day in a War Zone.

There’s no place like home: Nationality, borders and statelessness

Mo Kanjilal

Mo Kanjilal was born in the UK and has lived all her life here. The Nationality and Borders Bill, clause 9 sends the message that certain citizens, despite being born and brought up in the UK and having no other home, remain migrants in this country. Their citizenship, and therefore all their rights, are precarious and contingent.

Boris Johnson: the party’s over

Vivienne Griffiths
Photo of House of Commons with text overlaid: PM apologises in House of Commons for offence caused by aides joking about Christmas party.

Over the past few weeks a number of scandals have rocked Westminster and Boris Johnson’s position as prime minister. Vivienne Griffiths examines the fallout of the ongoing furore and its impact on the Conservative government and its leader.

The mask of the clown – what lies beneath?

Tom Serpell

There are a constant stream of examples as to why this government, majority or not, should be called to account. But does not each event already seem to be ancient history, even though it happened only a few weeks ago? Each egregious episode, each headline, is followed hot-foot by the next. Although each one stains the government’s record, the next pushes its predecessor back into oblivion.

Schools and Covid-19: the government is letting us down

Sarah Nield

Covid-19 case numbers are once again rising in Brighton and Hove, and now we also have the uncertainties of a new Covid variant – Omicron – to contend with. On the plus side, almost two years into this pandemic, some things about this virus are no longer a mystery. We know how it spreads. We […]


So, after all the promises: is Brexit really done?

Dorothy Smith

In the light of all the propaganda, no doubt some people were persuaded by the slogan’Get Brexit done’, to change their vote at the last general election, imagining that, after Brexit, things would change for the better.  On the day the UK officially left the EU, 31 January 2020, Britain’s exit was presented by Boris […]

Blood on her hands

Ross McNally

Under Home Secretary Priti Patel, what was once the policy of fringe British National Party crackpots is now at the heart of government. Her response to the deaths of 27 refugees at sea is playing politics with people’s lives.


Daddy’s Girl finally faces the music

Rick Dillon

Ghislaine Maxwell is likely to spend the rest of her life in jail after being found guilty of procuring underage girls for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Rick Dillon recalls the influence of her father, the crooked newspaper publisher Robert Maxwell. Jeffrey Epstein was not the first monster in Ghislaine Maxwell’s life. That ‘accolade’ goes to […]

You say you don’t want the Government to privatise the NHS?

Tom Serpell
“N4S” by secretlondon123 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The health service belongs to and is free to us all. The very fact of public ownership makes it directly accountable to us, its users. Take the assets into private hands and at a stroke, priorities change, from delivery to dividends. Once control passes to investors, these can decide on pricing, location, frequency, quality and scope of services.


On the streets at COP26, I catch up with a ‘Sussex legend’

Anna Scott

DAY 3 in Glasgow  After my day in the Green Zone, I decided that I would spend a day on the streets. The sun was out and the autumn leaves looked so  golden and beautiful it seemed criminal to be inside. I began the day with a special Sussex Bylines assignment. In late August, one […]