Podcast: Our Future, Our Voices

Close-up of a microphone.
Photo credit: Israel Palacio on Unsplash

This week’s Bylines Network podcast features three young hosts, who are all also involved in various regional Bylines: Kerry Pearson from Yorkshire Bylines in Grantham, Jules Greenbank from West England Bylines in Bristol, and new host Chris Davis from Sussex Bylines in Brighton.

They came together (in a virtual Covid-secure way of course!) to discuss being young and politically engaged. What drew each of them to politics? How can they reach out to and engage other young people more effectively? How did they all get involved with Bylines, and what are they hoping to achieve through the enterprise longer-term? It’s a really revealing and compelling discussion!

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Sussex Bylines: Our Future, Our Voices

The podcast concludes a week of articles by talented young writers published in Sussex Bylines for the launch of Our Future, Our Voices: a platform for young people to speak of their own experiences first-hand, and a space where they can explore their creativity and practise their skills in writing, photography, art, and podcasts that look at life through their unique and special lens. 

Subjects of last week’s articles range from a younger brother’s view of a first year university student’s experience during lockdown to a look at the reasons behind the recent Swiss vote to ban the burqa; from the impact of social media on mental health to the environmental impact of incinerating our rubbish.

Be sure to check them all out! And if you’re a young citizen journalist yourself and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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