Sussex Bylenses: Spotlight on new young photographer

Sussex Bylenses is delighted to have discovered a budding young photographer in 12-year-old Ben Muir from Steyning, West Sussex. Ben submitted a number of images in response to the recent ‘Our Future, Our Voices’ initiative, and we deemed them worthy of a dedicated feature showcasing his impressive portfolio.

Ben has been interested in photography for a number of years and has always had a keen eye for what makes a good photo. Of particular interest to Ben is taking pictures from unusual perspectives, particularly at ground level. He likes to focus on textures, such as those found in woodland and the seashore.

The photos in this featured set capture the colourful and varied tones of the water margin, and the glistening sheen of the wet pebbles on Brighton beach with the foaming surf bubbling around. Brighton Palace Pier is shot from an unusual angle, showing adept use of leading lines to create impact in a contrasting image. Ben’s composition and eye for detail demonstrate a natural talent usually only achieved after some years of practice.

Shot of Brighton Palace Pier, looking up from the pebbled beach to the iron structure and a small pavilion on the eastern side of the pier.
Brighton Palace Pier. With this photo, Ben Muir (aged 12) was attempting to capture the feel of the wet pebbles on Brighton beach when he spotted the imposing framework of the Palace Pier above. He liked this contrast and unusual viewpoint and so was inspired to take this shot.

We thank Ben for his wonderful submissions and look forward to his future contributions.

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