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Share your images of our beautiful county of Sussex

Here is an opportunity for Sussex Bylines readers who enjoy photography to share their images of our beautiful county of Sussex for others to enjoy. Photography no longer needs expensive dedicated equipment. Basic smartphones have made photography accessible to us all. Most of us share our images with family and friends on Facebook or other social media platforms. The pages of Sussex Bylines can open up a much broader audience to appreciate the images you have taken.

Submissions are open to all. The story-telling value and imagery of a photograph is as important as technical quality. Subject, emotion and composition are all critical elements of a successful photograph.

Submit your entries by email to photos@sussexbylines. Please add your name (or the name you wish to be attributed) and photograph title in the subject line, and any description of the images submitted in the body of the email.


1 April 2021


'My Sussex' - April 2021

  • Misty sunrise, with a silhouetted tree in the foreground.

Proposed themes for the next three months

1 April:    ‘My Sussex’

1 May:     ‘Sussex Street Scenes’

I June:    ‘Sussex Sunset’

Open category: Fortnightly publication of submitted images of general interest. Submission of up to three images on any subject from all digital sources, camera, phone or drone. We will select images for inclusion on our website and social media pages. Exhibits will be refreshed on the 1st and 15th each month, but you do not need to wait until the deadline to submit your images. If possible, contributors should add a brief commentary to provide some background as to where and when the photos were taken to give some relevance to their posting on Sussex Bylines.

Themed category: Each month we set a Sussex-related theme for readers to address. Themes will be set on the first of each month for submission any time up to the month end, images to be selected and uploaded on the first of the following month. Contributors to submit up to three images reflecting and interpreting the theme set. Selected photographs remain on view until the following month. The theme is open to your personal interpretation and selected on ‘flexible’ criteria: composition, technical quality, originality and reflecting the theme.

Both categories should show relevance to Sussex and must be suitable for inclusion in the Sussex Bylenses online publication. Landscape, wildlife, architecture, cultural or social events, weather events and any other artistic imagery with relevance or interest to our readers. Unsuitability would be, say, holiday snaps, advertising, family or pet portraits. Contributors may submit new images or dip into their back catalogue for the relevant themes. Themes are set well in advance to give you time to prepare.  

Digital photography does allow for extensive post-enhancement, cropping, sharpening etc. You may work your images as you see fit. Submissions of composite images are allowed, but contributors are encouraged to note the image is a composite.

As it is not possible for us to prevent viewers from downloading images, watermarks or digitally signatures may be used. Pictures should be sent as Jpeg files, colour or monochrome, and no larger than 2Mb, but ideally much smaller. Landscape or portrait orientation: landscape is generally better suited to online publication, but should not dictate your choices.

All entrants must be the sole owner of copyright original work and will retain copyright of the photographs they submit. For intellectual property reasons, please do not repost other people’s photographs, or anything downloaded from websites. Showing and sharing your own work is more personal and relevant.

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