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A gap year in Franco’s Spain

Claire Hill

Spain under Franco in the 1970s was full of inequalities. Claire Hill spent her gap year in 1971 teaching in Madrid, where she saw at first hand the poverty of ordinary people and met many young people who opposed Franco’s rule – as well as some who supported him.

Growing up Catholic: the teenage years

Claire Hill

In the follow up to the account of her early Catholic childhood, Claire Hill looks back on her strict upbringing and recounts some anecdotes from her teenage years in the 1960s, when she tried, usually unsuccessfully, to go to parties against her father’s wishes.

Growing up Catholic in the 1950s and 60s

Claire Hill

Growing up in post-war Britain, in a strict Catholic household, Claire Hill and her friends were given strict rules about behaviour and dating at her convent school, but sex (like the war) was never mentioned. Inevitably, rule breaking resulted.