Author: Alison Rees

Alison was born in East Sussex and lives in Haywards Heath. She works for an endowed charitable trust based in London and in addition to writing, enjoys creating textile and stained glass pieces and playing the piano.

Moral compass, pointing south: the Partygate fines

Alison Rees

Many of the public are content to continue with a PM whom they believe to have deliberately misled parliament and the public over Partygate, despite the thousands unable to say goodbye to loved ones during lockdowns. Alison Rees wonders what it will take for people to demand Boris Johnson’s resignation, when standards in public life have already sunk so low.

Ukraine – why any outcome will be painful for the west

Alison Rees

Alison Rees argues that the West ignored warning signs from the buildup of aggression in Russia, including the annexation of Crimea and alleged influence of US and UK elections. Seeing horrific events in Ukraine unfolding from the safety of our homes, we feel some responsibility and guilt about our inability to influence the outcomes.

One year on: in search of Brexit benefits

Alison Rees

Brexit leaves us worse off, with UK-EU trade hit particularly hard. Many small businesses have ceased to import or export altogether. The government has consistently overpromised and overstated Brexit benefits. Unsurprisingly then, a recent survey found growing dissatisfaction with the EU-UK trade deal among both Remain and Leave voters.