Author: Chris Davis

Chris Davis studied human geography at King’s College London. He was involved in the university Labour society and is still an active member of the Labour Party. He is now based in Sussex, working for a renewable energy company, and has been working with Sussex Bylines to set up the young writers’ section ‘Our Future, Our Voices’.


Talking rubbish? – What really happens to your recycling

Chris Davis
Plastic trays and tubs for recycling

Of all the plastic routinely placed in recycle bins across East Sussex, less than 30% is actually recycled. The rest is incinerated, along with most of the non-recyclable rubbish, and – perhaps surprisingly – it is the incinerator company that decides what is recycled and what is burnt. Changes to the current equipment could allow more types of plastic to be recycled but it would cost upwards of £1million. What cost our environment?