Author: Cosmo Robertson Charlton

Cosmo Robertson Charlton is a final year student studying zoology at the University of Bristol. Although currently based in Bristol, he has strong connections with Sussex as Lewes is his home town. He has a keen appreciation for the natural world, being particularly interested in conservation, rewilding and positive solutions for climate change. He is currently a member of the Youth Council as part of the United Nations Association for Climate and Oceans, organising events and empowering young voices in the fight against our climate crisis.


To plant or not to plant: trees

Cosmo Robertson Charlton
Tropical trees

Trees are often considered the silver bullet in our fight against global warming. But recent research has indicated a need for careful consideration when we plant and has called for a more nuanced approach. Other carbon sequestering organisms are equally worthy of our protection, such as marine algae. Help Our Kelp is a Sussex Wildlife Trust project which aims to restore our once lush underwater forest, through a 300-kilometre protection zone in which trawling is largely prohibited. Sir David Attenborough has described it as “a vital win in the fight against the biodiversity and climate crises”.