Author: Paul Hannam

Paul is an author, organisational psychologist and environmentalist living in Sussex. He taught environmental management at Oxford University and is currently co-chair of Greening Steyning. He is also one of the speakers for Your Better Nature, that provides a platform to stimulate inspirational discussion and challenge mindsets around a new human story.

Building the community of the future

Paul Hannam

We have until 2030 to reduce our carbon emissions, or face devastating climate collapse with disastrous consequences for humanity as a whole. It is not just up to governments to make policy, or businesses to develop new technology. This alone is not going to save us. We need to change our individual lifestyles, and the best way to achieve this is by working together.


How lessons learned from COVID can help us combat the climate crisis

Paul Hannam

As we begin to take stock of the enormity of this seismic shock to the global system, we should acknowledge that there is a much greater disruption on the horizon. Our Earth is in critical condition. And the lessons we’ve all learned over the past year dealing with COVID will be invaluable in combatting the looming climate crisis.