Author: Elizabeth Riminton-Drury

Elizabeth is a passionate environmentalist, living in rural East Sussex where she is an active grassroots campaigner. She is an experienced political communicator and long-term EU advocacy strategist, mainly for environmental organisations. As a committed citizen of Europe, she is determined to promote the closest possible relations between UK and the rest of Europe until we can rejoin the EU. She rides her horse on Ashdown Forest and campaigns to preserve the forest as a valuable environmental site and a common green space for all.

Storks versus bulldozers: saving Sussex wildlife areas

Elizabeth Riminton-Drury
A pair of storks in their nest on a tree at Knepp estate.

Developers are planning to build 3,500 houses on a greenfield site right next to the major rewilding project at the Knepp Estate, blocking a vital wildlife corridor, increasing carbon emissions, and leaving Knepp as a wildlife island in a sea of housing. Campaigners are urging the government to step in and stop it.

Future of Pooh’s forest hangs in the balance

Elizabeth Riminton-Drury

I remember when we heard our village shop was closing because the owners couldn’t afford to continue running it. If we had known the shop was in such difficulty we would have supported it more – but it was too late. The same fate may now hang over Ashdown Forest, the Sussex beauty spot famed […]