Author: Mo Kanjilal

Mo has worked in business for many years, climbing the corporate career ladder, leading teams selling technology and software. She writes blogs about, diversity, inclusion and belonging. She is a Co-Creator of Watch This Sp_ce, a consultancy to help workplaces reimagine work to include everyone. She is writing a business book and a novel and is one of the Sussex Bylines team. Twitter @Mo_Kanjilal

Going back to where you came from: Britishness and belonging

Mo Kanjilal

Meghan Markle talking about British society stirred up a lot of feelings for Mo Kanjilal and many other people of colour. The fragility of your legitimacy in being British if you are not white is always there. It might not be on the surface all the time, but it is always there, and you don’t know when it’s going to come to the fore.

Bullying, gaslighting, and living with a shaky version of the truth

Mo Kanjilal
A young man sitting against a brick wall, head lowered onto knees, arms folded

Gaslighting is a way of control that enables bullying through manipulating the truth to make the victim doubt themselves. It makes you doubt your version of the truth. What happens when a whole nation is being bullied and gaslit? What happens when the population is living without trust in the truth?

Have we witnessed the death of the high street?

Mo Kanjilal

Is a day out at the shops gone forever? The fate of our high streets and the retail brands that drew us to them, is in the balance. Mo Kanjilal explores whether new and innovative brands, and a radical rethink about what to do with existing retail space, can bring our dying town centres back to life.

Not Living The Dream: has the British dream of entrepreneurship failed?

Mo Kanjilal

Small firms are indispensable to the creation of jobs and of wealth Margaret Thatcher, speech to small business conference in 1984 Thatcher’s Britain claimed to be about creating a nation of entrepreneurs starting small businesses and thereby generating wealth and jobs. In her 1984 speech to the Small Business Conference she said, “you will see […]

Why we’re not going back to the office

Mo Kanjilal

Government ministers are falling over themselves to tell people to ‘get back to work’ and ‘get back to the office’. The trouble is, in doing so, they are showing how out of touch they are with the many people who have been working for the last six months, with nine out of ten saying they […]

Movin’ On Up – why everyone is on the move

Mo Kanjilal

It seems that everyone is on the move. So many of my phone messages are full of Rightmove links and property photos. As the photos of kitchens, gardens and bathrooms start to merge into one, I wonder why is it that it seems like everyone I know has decided to move? Well, since March when […]

Our World in Our Words: can creativity drive change?

Mo Kanjilal

This summer, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in the USA, there has been a reigniting of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world. There have been widespread protests, many of them driven by, and attended by young people from a variety of backgrounds.  For some, even if they want to […]

How many points are you worth?

Mo Kanjilal

In late 2016, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episode NoseDive painted a dystopian future, where people can rate each other and these social media scores affect how you can live your life. Nosedive was aired in October 2016, just past the June Brexit vote. We had little idea of the years of turmoil ahead of us. […]